An Awesome Mate

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Even though it's been over 16 years since we were joined as one in the state of matrimony, I'm still awed by the interesting and unique things she does.

So, let me cite the latest example. This weekend my computer screen suddenly went blank. After doing some checking , it became obvious that a new monitor was necessary. So off to the Office Equipment store we go to look at the latest and greatest.

A 22" LCD model with an excellent price was choosen, but unfortunately it was out of stock.  So off we go again in search of a similar model. After  several hours, numerous stops and bad directions from our GPS, we find the same original model in stock , but at a much higher price. At this point I'm ready to leave and go back to the first store, order the NIS model, and wait for delivery.

In the meantime my wonderful wife, not to be daunted, found the store manager and asked if he  would meet a competitor's price. Well, surprise,surprise, he would and did, even allowing us to use an additional price reduction coupon.

I have a new monitor and relearned the valuable lesson that by asking you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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RE An Awesome Mate
written by rsr, November 05, 2008
You have a rare flower, indeed. Unfortunately, it is far more difficult to locate a great relationship like yours than to track down a sweet monitor. Some bargains are to be avoided.
great partnership
written by littlefaith, December 05, 2008
I love that you appreciate your wife. It's wonderful to hear about great partnerships like yours.

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